Smartbirds troubleshooting

Dongle constant white flash

If a dongle is constantly flashing white, a power supply issue is present. This means that the long supplied cable becomes a bottleneck and a smaller cable is needed to overcome the issue. Please contact support to receive a new cable.

Dongle is not turning on

If a dongle does not turn on when plugged into the correct port, please contact support. Ideally, please make a short video of the dongle and the Smartmeter so that your problem can be accurately addressed.

Dongle shows trouble with communication

If your dongle has communication problems, there are several possible sources of the problem, such as an isolated dongle meaning a poor wifi connection. A simple “Wifi Scan” available via the WiFi Analyzer app ( for Android and the AirPort Utility app ( for iOS could give you a clear overview of your dongle’s wifi connections.

Place your phone where you would like to install your dongle to see the quality of the wifi connection. Using the “Wifi scan” applications, an RSSI signal close to 0 indicates a good connection, the closer it gets to -90 the poorer the connection and the more likely a lose of wifi connection will be present.