Your needs

Is it possible to use additional dynamic power on this grid segment ?
Can we increase the power at a specific time for overnight charging of electric vehicles ?
Can we allow more renewable production in this area taking into account the grid constraints ?

FEEDERFLEX is the answer to all of these requests.

The solution

Based on a grid study and the implementation of our predictive solution we can forecast and manage additional power beyond the limits of subscribed power.

The complete solution is the result of our collaboration:

  • Grid topology study: the initial request of additional power supply in your grid comes always from a specific location, e.g. initiated by a large transport company that moves from diesel to electricity as primary energy source for their busses, therefor a location specific grid study must be executed with your asset management department. together we will analyse:
    • the grid configuration
    • the normal grid operation modes
    • scenarios of alternative supply options (n-1)
    • the safety margin
    • the capacity limits of assets such as cables, overhead lines, transformers, etc.
  • Statistical historical data analysis: after the grid topology study, we will look into the historical consumption data, typically quarter-hourly, for a number of years and we will estimate the possible additional power at certain moments. These data are used to train our predictive model that we will tune according to the local consumption profiles.
  • Risk management: together and based on the previous steps, we will apply the safety margin according to the limits you decide to apply.
  • Deployment of the solution: all you need to do is a few selected measurement points via a secure link (sftp and other interfaces available). Our production server will compute the forecast of additional power and send this information to your customer for local energy control.
  • If required, we can deploy a local energy controller including peak-shaving functionality on premise of your customer.
  • After setup, testing and approval, you get full access to the forecast data and the event lists. Also, your energy user can access their power forecast and manage their energy using processes accordingly.
  • Our solution also includes the necessary monitoring and failsafe mechanisms required to propose a smooth operation under all conditions.
FEEDERFLEX management view

Your advantages

With FEEDERFLEX you can improve the utilisation of your assets and provide additional services to your customers avoiding capex intensive upgrades of your infrastructure.