Size your ev-PV charging infrastructure


Your needs

You need to size a large EV parking installation for your company?
You have to write the specification of a new electrical installation for a large charging infrastructure?

Your car policy is changing and you want to integrate a large percentage of electric cars in addition to defining a deployment strategy according to your available power?

You want to size your photovoltaic local production installation according your electrical vehicle fleet increasing program in order to maximise your auto-consumption?


EV SCOPE is the answer to all of these requests


An anticipation for EV planning combined with local production.

Charging profiles

With EV Scope you can generate realistic load profiles according different parameters:

  • Cars profiles: hybrid, small BEV, Large BEV or even you can select the type model of cars in our car library
  • User behaviours: you can adjust the daily usages of your users and this according to your business activity and rooster
  • user profiles: select the percentage of intensive mobile users vs home-work users


With one click you can run the simulation and look in detail to the graphical interactive visualisation of your power flow

Web front-end

Like all of our applications, we get access to an attractive and comprehensive web front-end allowing you to tune your scenario, apply control strategy and develop your energy transition scenario.

Scenario Definition

With some simple sliders you can define your scenarios regarding your deployment strategy 

  • EV % per year
  • Year and installation of your local photovoltaic production 
  • Climate & weather: Modify weather conditions that impact demand


Control strategies

What is the impact of coordinated vehicle charging, or of incentives for a grid supportive behavior?

With this module you can simulate your targeted control strategy like minimising the grid injection, espousing more flexibility to the grid, optimising the community revenues

Technical and financial reporting

Our solution also includes the necessary reporting  for both the technical dimensioning and main electrical parameters on one side and on the other side we propose you based the necessary financial information to build up a complete ROI calculation

Your benefits

With EV SCOPE, you can define the correct sizing of your EV charging installation.

Also you can define the best strategy for your local production investment in order to maximise your auto-consumption.

EV SCOPE is the pragmatic web tool you need for your company EV strategy.

How to start ?


We can propose you different models of use:

  • Full consulting activity: based on your data or data that we have collected for you, we run simulation on EV SCOPE according to your request and we present you the result of the mission.


  • Collaborative: together with your expert, we define a setup allowing you to run directly your simulations and export the results directly on our web tool.


Let’s Get Started

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