Connect to the relay

I- General information​s

–  You have the possibility to control two distinct devices (each connected to one relay)​

– On/Off control is accessible via the Smartbirds App​

– Create routines to turn on/off your equipments​

– Load Voltage supported: max 60V​

– Load Current supported: max 200mA​

II- Connection

Two available relays

You can connect simultaneously two smart assets to the Smartbirds dongle, using one relay for each asset.
Each relay has two spring connectors (push to open)
The connections points of one relay are bidirectional, you can wire the + (red wire) or -/GND (black wire) depending on your need

The Smartbirds electronic include a bidirectional solid state relays.
therefore the polarity does not require any specific attention

III- Application Example​

Control your Assests directly through the Smartbirds app:

By connecting your assets to the internal auxiliary relay, you will be able to:

– Turn on and off your asset through the Smartbirds app​ following some specific power conditions.
– Configure a routine to turn off your assets based on peak consumption​
– Configure a routine to turn on your assets when you inject in the grid

*If you wish to connect your electric boiler to Smartbirds, you might need to add a power switching relay depending on the boiler model​. Please respect the voltage and current limits of the auxiliary relay of the Smartbirds.

Wiring diagram of two different assets via dongle relay1 and relay2

** You can use only one power supply for polarising the 2 auxiliary contacts.