Supplementary notes & disclaimer: The CO2 emissions calculator has been designed to provide a quick and easy estimation of the energy-related CO2 emissions of passenger cars. We have chosen to neglect the emissions related to the production of the vehicle itself, except for the battery of the electric car, assuming that this part of the production process does not bear significant differences between the types of car.

While electric cars may already provide the cleaner option in most countries, depending on their electricity mix, you may find out that true eco-mobility requires more renewable energies to charge our electric cars. NEXXTLAB is working on the needed solutions for the third industrial revolution which involves the convergence of ICT, renewable energy and new modes of transport enabled with a smart power grid.

With the CO2 emissions calculator, we concentrate on the aspect of greenhouse gas emissions even though we are aware of additional valid concerns around electric vehicles (e.g. extraction of raw material for batteries). We have to address these concerns and request solutions, such as “fair batteries” which are designed according to the principles of a circular economy, allowing to upcycle the ingredients.

NEXXTLAB pays careful attention to the correctness of the calculations and to the selection of references. However, NEXXTLAB shall not warrant that the tool is free from misprints or programming bugs or that the tool is free from defects in that its practical use is different or is not fit for the purpose of use of a user; nor does it make any warranty whatsoever as to the correctness, usefulness, reliability, etc. of calculation results. If a user or a third party suffers damages due to the use of the tool or calculation results thereof, NEXXTLAB shall not be liable for any such damages or disadvantages suffered by such users or third parties.