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The Nexxtlab Team

Nexxtlab is a strong innovation partner active in the energy transition.
As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for smart energy services, with a focus on intuitive solutions with direct impact.
Nexxtlab solutions start from the grid side as a necessary enabling framework to complementary energy solutions for energy service providers.

Our Approach to the Energy Transition is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

Learning from the competences and experience of our shareholders, we develop and implement end to end solutions including: data acquisition and processing, near real time processing and communication, attractive user interfaces, apps, bespoke hardware solutions when required. From these solutions, we derive open, modular and easy to deploy services enabling our customers to serve their customers, the end users. Those services can be purchased as SaaS (Software as a Service) and/or consulting.

Our Awesome Team

Oriented towards the future needs of each actor in the energy field, especially grid operators in Europe, Nexxtlab has invested in people and technology. The Nexxtlab team is multidimensional and multi-cultural; The right mix of expertise in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Energy Systems, Human Acceptance, IT Development, Consulting and Project Management combined in a team eager to accelerate the energy transition.

Olivier Piraux

Olivier Piraux


As CEO Olivier Piraux is responsible at NEXXTLAB SA to manage and develop in team and in collaboration with external institution (research centres and universities) innovative solutions accelerating the energy transition

Christoph Emde

Christoph Emde

Project and Business Development Manager

Christoph is in charge of the business development and project development.
Don’t hesitate to contact him for any energy transition projet or idea.

Sébastien Thill

Sébastien Thill

Development Team Responsible

Sebastien is in charge of the development IT team integrating platform solutions and also embedded solutions

Valenti Canadell Navarro

Valenti Canadell Navarro

Front-end and back-end developper

Valenti is a talented front-end and back-end developper helping us to propose you the best web user experience.

Benoit Mattlet DR Ing

Benoit Mattlet DR Ing

Grid Intelligence Specialist

Thanks to the background he acquired during his PHD, Benoit is helping us to optimize the distribution grid and transforme his experience to developing advanced energy tools at NEXXTLAB.

Cristin Corciova

Cristin Corciova

Backend Developer

Cristin is in charge in  our IT team to the development of our back-end solutions. Based on his large spectrum of technical knowledge he also participate in the developement of our embedded solutions

Michel Kremer

Michel Kremer

Junior Back-end Developer

Michel as a young and commited person toward the energy transition is in charge of the development of some testing tools and back-end functions

Nathan Robichon

Nathan Robichon

Back-end developer (internship)

Nathan is a real motivated intern learning but also helping us to develop our advanced solutions.

Our Values

focusing on the long term goal of the energy transition, we keep in mind that in every action we take, we are aligned with our values


We embrace problems, and we don’t take “no” for an answer. We roll up our sleeves and dive in with unbridled commitment


We Work Together: We’re a community with a natural bias toward action and collaboration. We work openly and cross-functionally because it enables us to build relationships, figure things out, and win as a team.

Respect for others

Our differences—when embraced with humility and respect—drive smarter decisions, increased innovation, stronger performance, and a culture where everyone can be themselves.

What We Do Best

Focusing on solutions

Collaborative Innovation

Integration of AI

Easy to deploy solutions

Nice web front ends

Scalable services

Supporting your business

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